Earth Day

Lush rainforests, endless oceans, and a boundless biodiversity are just a few of the reasons we are lucky to live on our little blue dot, Earth. Earth Day may just be one day out of the year, but now you can give a shout out to the best planet in the solar system all year long! In honor of Earth Day, Fifth Sun is partnering with the non-profit, One Tree Planted, to help plant trees across our planet. One Tree Planted’s mission – started in 2014 – aims to “create a world full of trees” by working with reforestation organizations to help plant trees in North America, South America, Asia, and Africa. Saving the world starts with you: it takes hard work, dedication, and – most importantly – heart. For every Earth Day-inspired Fifth Sun tee purchased, we will donate one dollar to One Tree Planted. One dollar = one tree. This April, consider helping One Tree Planted by purchasing an awesome earth-inspired Fifth Sun shirt.